Loopy’s wedding day.

Live blogging the day:

1:37 pm: At halftime Clemson leads Boston College 16-0. Hopefully they won’t choke.

Earlier today, took a ride through downtown and down the strip, and nothing is right. I want to go to the Newsstand and smell the print. I want to go to the Wired and argue with my coffee shop friends. I want to go to the Green Apple Chinese restaurant or whatever that place was called and complain about the food. I want to wander around Manifest and browse for CDs and tapes I can’t afford to buy. Oh well.

6:04 pm: the six o’clock wedding isnowhere close to starting. The bridesmaids haven’t changed into their dresses, there are no chairs to be seen and it’s raining.

6:20 pm: The groom just left to go pick up some Pabst Blue Ribbon.

6:51 pm: Never mind… he was getting the rings and some ice.

7:02 pm: moving into position.

7:15 pm: Done. Time to eat.

7:55 pm: Bunky the Best Man’s toast: “Loopy’s been my best friend for a couple score and seven years. If he’s happy, I’m happy for him. And here’s hoping you [the bride] give him plenty of you-know-what. Welcome to the family. Don’t forget to service his ass. Are there still children here?”

8:56 pm: the best man is now lying in the mud trying to smoke a cigarette while talking to Loopy. It’s probably time to leave.

9:52 pm: Just drove by Cope Hall, my first dorm. The light was on in my old room. Dork.

2 thoughts on “Loopy’s wedding day.

  1. Two key questions:

    1. Will you also be live blogging at Mole’s and Moladette’s wedding?
    2. Will you try to top Bunky’s toast at said wedding?


  2. It was Green Olive, and I have many fond memories of that place. The typical day in 1998 went like this: wake up –> go to class –> lunch at green olive –> play mario kart –> go to sleep –> repeat

    It’s been a while since I have been back to Tiger Town, so I have yet to witness the major changes from college days. Is the Astro still in business? Just tell me it is, lie if you have to…it doesn’t sound like anything else I remember still stands!


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