The new school year.

Five minutes ago, I finished a big ol’ post about how draining my job is this year compared to last year. But I really shouldn’t complain because…

…I have a job.

…I have the same job that I’ve had for years.

…I didn’t have to take a pay cut to keep my job.

…I don’t work second or third shift.

…I walk into work with hope instead of loathing and despair.

…I don’t work with chemicals that stain my fingers for days.

…I don’t work with chemicals that dull my nerve endings while burning my skin.

…and best of all, I don’t work with morons who would react to my nearly-getting-impaled-on-a-500-pound-axle by giving me some post-expiration aspirin and telling me that there was nothing medically wrong with me.

I deleted the old post.

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