Mole’s wedding day.

3 pm: the wedding has gone off without a hitch. They got hitched without a hitch. I suppose that minus the Viognier, I wouldn’t find that as amusing. Great ceremony under a tent in Mole’s front lawn. The toasts were touching, and the baby boy’s tux was adorable.

Great barbeque pork and chicken dinner, though I’m not sure what my Muslim buddy thinks. Hold on a sec.

Okay, he liked the chicken.

5:03 pm: a lounge-style cover band called The Recliners played the reception. The first two songs: “Roxanne” by The Police and “Creep” by Radiohead. Interesting selections for this day of joyous marital bliss. Unfortunately, they couldn’t play Morphine’s “Whisper,” which would have been appropriate since there was a gorgeous photographette dressed in blue.

8:15 pm: During and after the reception we watched Clemson against TCU. The final drive was a masterpiece of poor playcalling and clock mismanagement. 14 to 10, TCU.

Weddings in the rain on back to back weekends. This one wasn’t as humid as the last one and we were able to go inside.

We’ve finally left the Mole Family’s house and left them to their privacy. We’re pondering ordering a pizza, but my stomach is full of roasted pig so I shall not partake, unless I do.

10:36 pm: The pizza (Papa John’s) was good, but I only had a slice. Worrying about your health sucks. Up early tomorrow for the baptism, then six hundred-odd miles home again, jiggety jig.