“The mains are back on line.”

Re the issues mentioned in my previous post:

1. After careful consideration of sage advice from Aabrock, I went with Option B. Given what I do with this blog, which is mere and mild blogging, it makes sense to go with something simple and secure. If I were to flood the market with branded merchandise like VDV coffee mugs and VDV action figures and VDV lunchboxes, then Option A (plus a lot more time, money, and effort put towards the website) would be in order.

2. It’s secure. Trust me.

3. I’m going to stick with the original title, last used in December 2007, which was the first time I screwed up my blog.

4. Sadly, simplicity and security come at the cost of being unable, for now, to make this thing look the way I want it to. I really liked the clean, three-column Thesis theme. I’d like to replicate that appearance as much as possible given the constraints of wordpress.com hosting. That said, I have decided that if and when the day comes that I go back to self-hosting, Genesis is the logical choice. Aabrock mentioned it to me, I did a bit of research of my own, and it seems more user-friendly than Thesis. Anything would be more user-friendly than Thesis 2.x, which I hadn’t been using anyways because it was byzantine without any accompanying beauty. I’d been using 1.8.x instead. Of course, it could well be that that was the source of the security problem, in which case… whoops.

8 thoughts on ““The mains are back on line.”

  1. It looks good and will be much less of a headache. And don’t worry I think Benjamin Franklin said it was ok to sacrifice some freedoms for security.


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