Execute the vermiscriptors.

Last Thursday morn, my dear friend Dr. Hmnahmna messaged me, “Dude, pay the bills for your blog.” Well, that bill always comes due in May, and it’s always paid on-time and up-front, so something else was amiss. Turns out the host shut down my website due to an infestation of malicious files.

I called tech support at StartLogic, which has hosted the website since its conception. Tech Support explained to me how to look up which files were corrupted– the list, copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document, was 40 pages long– and promptly started pitching a product that would solve most of the problems in exchange for more money than I felt like spending at that moment.

So I asked Tech Support if I could simply delete everything and start all over. The answer was yes, so I simply deleted everything and started all over. I think. There seem to be some remnants of older files; for instance, I’ve seen the 1943 silver penny favicon pop up a few times. No sign of the Bennington flag favicon, though.

My old blog entries were backed up just before Christmas and will be restored soon. The handful of post-Christmas entries were still cached somewhere, so those’ll be up soon, too. But I’m left with a few decisions to make, and would appreciate advice:

1. I have to choose between (A) having http://www.viscariello.com feature this WordPress blog and (B) having http://www.viscariello.com point to a blog hosted by wordpress.com. I prefer option A for several reasons, namely familiarity and vanity, but in light of recent events, I can’t help but think that option B is safer. But lamer.

2. I’m not how secure http://www.viscariello.com is. A web search for the question, “How safe is my website?” yields varying answers involving SSL certificates and lateral matrix arrays and so forth. I’d hate to have people think that visiting my website could endanger their glowing rectangles. So what can I do to enhance security? Or is the blog already safe?

3. This being the fifth iteration of my blog, calling it “Part V” (which is a misnomer anyways, because it’s going to be the whole thing all the way back to September 1, 2005, and not a fifth volume of the whole thing) may mean too many V’s in the title to be aesthetically pleasing. I’m toying with some possibilities for the blog’s suffix, but will gladly accept suggestions.

4. I’m uncertain about using Thesis as my blog theme. The appearance was nice and clean, but now I wonder if it was safe. For now I’m sticking with a free WordPress design instead of tinkering with Thesis.

Here begins the blog again again again again. At least this time I went more than five years without screwing everything up.

7 thoughts on “Execute the vermiscriptors.

  1. I’m assuming that since this is an odd-numbered version of your blog, it’s not going to be as good as the even-numbered version of your blog. The only way to rectify this is to introduce some sort of time-travel segment that involves you visiting your former self before you were captain… oh wait. Nevermind.

    P.S. I’m applying for jobs in Tampa and Naples, Florida. Thoughts?


  2. “I’m assuming that since this is an odd-numbered version of your blog, it’s not going to be as good as the even-numbered version of your blog.”

    This may be my new favorite comment of all time.

    Thoughts re Tampa & Naples: The weather’s a bit nicer than in Rochester. Let me know when you move down here and I’ll come visit.


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