Miscellany whilst waiting on a burger.

I managed to shave off part of a fingernail. It’s an interesting look, but probably not worth the blood and pain. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to a finger, though. Sliced into the pointer with a paper cutter. Carved off a chunk of pinky with a linoleum knife. Broke the other pinky during a soccer game, and had it re-broken by someone who probably thought she was being cute. She wasn’t.

The water was off Tuesday morning, likely due to some construction near the house. Fortunately there were a few gallons of distilled water in the kitchen. Unfortunately, they were cold. I found out the hard way that I can successfully shower with a mere gallon and a half of water. I could probably get it down to a single gallon with practice, but I have absolutely no intention of practicing.

I think the one thing we should all learn burger’s here.