2013 Resolution #9.

In my “Resolutions for 2013,” #9 was “I shall make a 9th resolution before January 31st, 2013.” I have one that’s been staring me in the face for some time.

Last summer I bought a plastic model kit of USS Constitution. The kit turned out to be a bit disappointing. The pieces don’t all fit well, the instructions call for painting certain pieces colors that don’t match those in any of the images of the finished product, and the images in the instructions are drawn from one particular angle over and over again instead of whatever angle would be most useful. Furthermore, the guy assembling the whole thing has the fine motor control of a stegosaur as well as no idea what he’s doing; he just likes sketching doodles of frigates, so he figured it might be nice to make a model of one.

I’ve been doing maybe one step a week over the last several months. Time to pick up the pace and let this thing adorn a mantle. Thus:

9. I shall complete the model of the USS Constitution by January 31st, 2013.

Today I ran across a three-part (so far) series of blog posts called “Hipsters on Food Stamps.” It’s about the affordability and utility of college in modern America. The author can be a bit blunt and perhaps harsh from time to time, not sure I agreed with it all, but it’s worth a read. Here’s part one. Here’s part two. Here’s part three.