My day off.

My day off included…

  • arriving at work at seven to write instructions for the sub, print class rosters, and make enough copies of the classwork; and
  • creating replacement ballots for nominations for the homecoming court; and
  • making appointments to discuss extended essays with the IB seniors; and
  • attending an eight o’clock meeting about the soccer team; and
  • going to the dentist for a deep cleaning (there wasn’t that much blood); and
  • returning to work by eleven thirty so I could tell the GOPO class that I moved the test date; and
  • giving six makeup tests; and
  • looking all over campus for the sixteen faculty and staff members who hadn’t cast a vote for this year’s Teacher of the Year; and
  • tabulating said ballots and passing the results to the administrators; and
  • emptying and moving a filing cabinet to another classroom; and
  • rearranging the closet in my classroom; and
  • grading homework, scanning scantrons, entering grades into the computer; and
  • holding a Chess Club meeting until 4:15.

But I did not spend even one second worrying about proper punctuation in lists. No way– not on my day off.

I also ate an 18-ounce ribeye, medium rare.