Happy Eleventy-First!

Today is my grandfather’s birthday, so here’s a picture of him and my dad on a hike:

The original was overexposed, so the staff darkened it a bit and produced this copy. I have no idea where this was taken due to having seen it for the first time earlier this evening. We’ll get some background on it for you in the near future.

If I may bluster a moment, Norman Rockwell himself could not have produced a better father-son picture than this. Not without a camera, anyways, the man was a painter.

Grampa would’ve turned 111 today if he hadn’t disappeared during that experiment with the intrinsic field subtractor.

[UPDATE 6/18/11:] I’m told that this picture was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains.

3 thoughts on “Happy Eleventy-First!

  1. Awesome looking picture? Do you know where it was taken? And how come your dad got the bigger stick?

    Any chance your Grampa reassembled/is reasembling himself into a new form, maybe a blue-skinned superhuman being with extraordinary powers, one being the ability to control matter at a subatomic level, reflective of the nuclear energy that created him?…just as an example

    Just in case, here’s wishing him a happy one-hundred and eleventieth birthday.


  2. “Awesome looking picture?” was meant to be a declarative rather than interrogative remark. In all fairness though, there wasn’t a squigly red line suggesting my attempt at communication was an udder failure and that I should consider giving it another try. So with my “never give up, never surrender attitude,” I present to you:

    Awesome looking picture.


  3. Have no doubt–Grandpa V always had the bigger stick. Allowing his son to carry a seemingly bigger stick was another way he stayed in control. On the other hand, whatever “The Boy” wanted….


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