On Clemson vs. South Carolina.

The game itself was disgusting, but here’s why the Tiger-Gamecock rivalry might have become the best in college football:

Man kills friend over $20 football bet.

That article is from si.com, but here are some juicier details from the Charlotte Observer’s subscribers-only website:

James Walter Quick watched the South Carolina-Clemson game Saturday at his friend’s house in Lexington, S.C., about 100 miles south of Charlotte. The Gamecocks came from behind and won, 31-28.

Quick celebrated.

But his friend, Clemson fan Richard Allen Johnson, said the Tigers shouldn’t have lost and refused to pay, authorities said. So Quick left the house and retrieved a high-powered rifle from his Chevrolet Corsica.

“He went back in and told Richard, `I want my money or I’m going to shoot you,’ ” said Lexington County Sheriff James Metts, adding that both had been drinking beer.

Metts said Johnson’s wife and several friends told police that Johnson then said: “You can’t shoot me, I’m invisible.”

And Quick replied, “No you’re not.”

What did I tell you? Seriously, how many murders occurred over this year’s Notre Dame-USC game? Or Ohio State-Michigan? Or Florida-Georgia, or Florida-FSU, or any other games?And even if there were any murders, how many of them were over a bet of twenty dollars? And how many of them featured the welcher claiming to be invisible? He should’ve said he was bulletproof.

Let’s do a little math. Mr. Quick can plan on living another 26 years, based on three assumptions:

1. The State of South Carolina chooses not to execute him,

2. Average male life expectancy at the time of Mr. Quick’s birth was 68 years, and

3. He is not sentenced to serve life in any prison in upstate South Carolina.

So, assuming 26 years in prison, his time in prison divided by twenty bucks yields a result of approximately 475 days in prison per dollar rightfully won. Throw in Mr. Johnson’s shattered family and Quick’s own ruined family, and you’ve got a downright principled man in James Walter Quick.

2 Responses to “On Clemson vs. South Carolina.”

  1. Andrew Jackson Says:
    November 28th, 2006 at 11:47 PM

Aye, many a man would shriek all sorts of absurd remarks when facing the barrels of my dueling pistols. My personal favourite was “But I’m as immortal as the Bank of theUnited States!” And when I did, in fact, destroy that wretched bank, I dare say that Whig needed new trousers.

Hold fast,
Andy J.

  1. gatorbob Says:
    December 4th, 2006 at 8:03 PM

How ’bout those Gators!