O glorious night!

Over the last few days, I told anyone who would listen (which was, like, maybe two people) that I was especially unenthusiastic about this week’s Monday Night Football broadcast. I can’t say I expected much from the Bears given that it’s a rebuilding year, but they still failed to meet my expectations. Apart from a Week One comeback against the Niners, the Bears had been awful. Their performances ranged from getting blown out against the Packers to somehow failing to score more than 7 against the Washington Trademarks despite multiple trips to the red zone. I don’t have the energy to explain the disappointment. It was whatever comes after acceptance.

But tonight’s game was, for what seems like the first time in ages, actually worth staying up past my bedtime for.

Chicago got an early lead, blew it, then took it right back and didn’t let go. They didn’t mentally collapse. Fields looked great (but I don’t like the way he slides; it looks risky). The running game was good despite [a] the offensive line being nightmarish this season and [b] having an injury to the starting center early in the game. The defense was great, and I don’t care if they were playing a pair of young QBs– beating Belichick is beating Belichick.

One of the commentators said it was the sort of win that might just turn the fortunes of the franchise. I say pass the Kool-Aid.

It was the first time the Bears had ever won at New England, the first time they’d beaten New England or Belichick in nearly 22 years, and their biggest win against New England aside from Super Bowl XX.

And for the second time in league history, the Chicago Bears hold the all-time record, outright and alone, for most regular season wins.

(The first time was from 1921 until three weeks ago.)

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