No higher honor.

I am fond of saying, as (at the very least) my esteemed friend of many years DFJ3 would attest, that “intelligence and wisdom are different things. That’s why you roll for them separately in D&D.”

And so I cannot express my pleasure at discovering– this evening, mere minutes ago– a similar quote from my favorite living economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell:

“Intellect is not wisdom.” Thomas Sowell. Intellectuals and Society.

I am sure that countless thousands of great minds have expressed similar thoughts throughout history. But seeing that I have echoed such as Thomas Sowell on any matter just leaves me pickled tink. Giddy as a kipper.

Scalia’s passing hit me harder than expected, because despite disagreements, that man bothered to think. Sowell’s passing– may it be in the long distant future– will be worse.