“Honors, hup.”

I’d like to pay brief and simple tribute to James Horner by sharing my favorite work of his.

Click here for his score for the Greatest Film of All Time. Horner’s proud, powerful, martial, vengeful, desperate, sorrowful, hopeful, serene music courses through this film, giving Trek a pulse it hadn’t had before.

The bagpipes blast “Amazing Grace” starting at 57:49. I know Horner didn’t like that bit very much– he fought against using it but was overruled by Harve Bennett– but he made it perfect anyways. R.I.P.

One thought on ““Honors, hup.”

  1. Yes, it is a close race but I give ST2:WoK the edge over Aliens as my favorite as well. I actually think ST3:SfS is a touch better, but it’s built on everything he did in 2.

    Sad loss….between him and John Williams he scored my childhood; looking back I forgot he did both Krull and WIllow!


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