The following transcript was culled from a recent interweb chat with my friend “72”, in which we were discussing a prospective convict:

72: Dude needs to go to jail so God’s left hand can get busy.

VDV: Now, now. I agree, but that’s not a nice thing to say.

72: Justice is a virtue of God same as the rest.

VDV: That’s going on either a plaque or a bumper sticker.

I am not proud of the somewhat vindictive tone of the conversation, but that’s movie tagline material right there. A Western? I’m seeing a Western right now.

Clip from the trailer: intercut with scenes of a ruthless gang terrorizing the county, a priest tries to talk a steely-eyed badass out of going after them. It’s too risky, there are too many of them, there could be blowback for the good folk of blah blah blah. Let God handle it. The hero grumbles: “Justice is a virtue of God same as the rest.” Gunfire. MCQUEEN. Bank roberry. VAN CLEEF. Train derails and explodes. Title Card: VIRTUE OF GOD. Summer 2015.

Aside from the World Cup posts, I feel like I haven’t been very productive this summer blogwise. The school year’s a-comin’, so hopefully the additional intellectual stimulation will help remedy the writer’s block.