Fourth of July, 2014.

Happy 238th birthday to the United States of America!

…and happy 142nd birthday to Calvin Coolidge, who probably wouldn’t want much said about the occasion.

Someone asked why most Americans only pay attention to soccer during the World Cup, which typically and roughly coincides with every fourth Fourth. I opined that though soccer is still a small but growing sport here, the World Cup gives us a rare opportunity to root for America the Underdog. That doesn’t happen often in team sports or in anything else because… you know… America.

We need to host the 2026 World Cup. How perfect would it be to beat England on our 250th birthday in Philly?

One comment

  1. There was a hot rumor for about 10 minutes that FIFA had asked the United States and Great Britain about possibly hosting the 2022 Cup if FIFA decides to pull it from Qatar.


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