You must learn to govern your passions.

I had occasion to break out an old gem earlier today, in response to some nonsense along the lines of “I understand that that’s how you feel…”

Me, paraphrased: “That’s not how I feel. That’s what I think. I didn’t say what I just said because it felt good. I said it because after careful research, careful reasoning, and careful studying, that’s what I have to say because that’s what I think and that’s what I can prove.”

Pretty sure that didn’t earn me too many brownie points, but such is life.

Lots of hits and visits from Ukraine lately. I hope everything’s OK over there.

2 thoughts on “You must learn to govern your passions.

  1. When people ask me how I feel about something, I intentionally respond back with something along the lines of: lousy, tired, or GREAT!…whichever is most inappropriate. Then, after a few seconds of confusion, I ask them, “now would you like to know what I think about xyz?”


  2. I am reminded of a story involving your Grandmother and great Grandfather. Shortly before he passed away, she asked him how he felt. Since he couldn’t speak due to tubes in his throat, he responded by rubbing his fingers with his thumb, i.e., he felt with his fingers. Then he tried to chuckle. This motion was, apparently, his long time response to being asked how he felt. I have this story on the very best authority…your Grandmother. But somehow I sense “your apple hasn’t fallen far from his tree”.


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