The flood ruined my apartment. I won’t go into detail on the damage, but suffice it to say that they had to move me into a new place so they could repair the old one. When I finally met the property manager, she immediately offered to move me into a different apartment on a higher floor. The new apartment is bigger and has an extra dividing wall, which adds a nice touch. It has more cabinets and closets, though I now have less stuff to fill them with. And they kept my rent the same, which was quite thoughtful of them and makes it a lot more likely that I’ll stay here when my lease is up. The downside is that instead of a view filled with a bunch of soulless corporate towers and dilapidated old high-rises, I now gaze upon the Jaguars’ stadium and the Matthews Bridge.

Thankfully, some buddies helped me move on pretty short notice. It only took two hours, which was good, but going up and down the elevator twenty times that day made me dizzy.

Much was ruined. A bunch of office supplies and legal documents were drenched. A couple of pieces of furniture were warped by the water, but the most important ones, my bed and my recliner, were spared. About two-thirds of my books were in wooden crates, and absorbed so much water that they were stuck in the crates. I had to bash the crates against the floor to force the books out; I’d post the video but there’s a lot of swearing. I tried to dry them out, but to no avail. Over the last few days, all but four of them started turning green and blue, which are not good reading colors. They are now in Book Heaven.

Most of my power cords and surge protectors were on the floor when the flood occurred, and spent a good chunk of the night underwater. My vacuum cleaner was in the closet underneath the burst pipe, so it was soaked. The initial surge of water deflected off a chair and poured down on my HP LaserJet 1012 printer. None of these worked upon initial post-hydration testing. And by the time I met with the insurance adjuster a few days later, almost every single electric and electronic item worked. The lone exception was my wireless router, which is why I’m posting this post via cellular telephone. So kudos and congratulations to HP, Apple, Techtronic, and whoever made my anonymous surge protectors.

I’d rather be back in my old apartment with my old stuff, but this whole shebang could’ve been so much worse. Thank God for family and friends and squeegees.