Not a good weekend.

Trouble sleeping because the dripping faucet hasn’t been repaired. I’m ready to rip the damn thing off, suffocate it and nail it under the floorboards.

Clemson got rolled and then some. It’s nice to see more college teams, Clemson among them, adopting pro-style offenses, but it’s not so nice to see them adopt pro-style lackadaisicalness about individual games. It’s not a sixteen game season– one loss and you’re effectively out of national championship contention– you can’t just give up in the second quarter. That game might’ve been worse than the Orange Bowl loss to West Virginia.

The Bears lost to The NFL Team From Washington, D.C. The offense looked fine, even with Cutler out for much of the game. McCown threw well, Forte ran well, Hester tied Deion for most return touchdowns. But the defense has been atrocious, and it pains me to say that. I can no longer just blame it on an offense that doesn’t manage the clock or hang on to the ball or stay on the field. 29+ points against per game means the defense just isn’t that good anymore. Oh well.

The AC was out for about twelve hours today, and of course it was the twelve hottest hours of the day. If I were given the option to live as a king in any place or era without air conditioning, I would pass. I guess I should be grateful it’s not June or July.

And worst of all, my account on the Common Application website was messed up, and half-a-day spent writing recommendations became three-quarters-of-a-day writing recommendations.

Actually, no, worst of all was yesterday when I bit into a slice of pickle that’d been left on my cheesehamburger. That’ll ruin a trip to Wendy’s.

Oh well. I have my health.

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