New digs.

Moved into the new place last week. It’s not too bad so far, but the painted concrete floor has made walking around barefoot somewhat adventurous. Not because it’s cold or slippery; it isn’t. But every so often there’s a dollop of dried paint with a sharp, pointy tip. No Internet for another two weeks, no couch for another three, but I’ll make it.

I used the wrong pan to make a steak yesterday. The oil burned and came close to setting off the fire alarm (assuming it works). Bad news: the pan is scorched. Good news: the apartment smells like steak instead of floor wax, and I have an excuse to buy a better pan.

Here’s the view:


So far, so good.

5 thoughts on “New digs.

  1. Congrats on the new abode. Oh, and best pan for steak I own is a 15 dollar cast-iron Lodge skillet; it’s indestructible and can go from stove to oven…just don’t get it wet! Bonus: after a few uses it becomes almost as smooth as a chemically-treated non-stick pan so omelets cook really easily as well.


  2. It came pre-seasoned so I just jumped right into it (go to Amazon and search for “Lodge 12″ Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet” and the first item is the one I bought). The only thin I don’t use it for are tomato-based dishes (something about how tomatoes react with the cast-iron)…


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