A short blurb about Man of Steel.

WARNER: Minor spoiling ahead.

I am at odds with most of the known universe when it comes to Superman Returns. I thought it was a good movie, if only because it demanded that we ignore Superman III and Superman IV. But there was one particular moment I hated:

Frank Langella’s Perry White is ordering his editors and reporters to dig up as much about Superman as possible. Every section of the next edition had to focus on Superman somehow, even business, lifestyle, and health. When he gets to politics, he tells his reporters to find out whether Superman still fights for “truth, justice… all that stuff.”

Long story short, I wasn’t too thrilled with the “all that stuff.” It minimizes and mocks “the American way”, which is the traditional (though not the original) code Superman claims. “The American way” might be a little bit aw-shucks-hokey, but that’s Superman: he’s super-strong, he can fly, and he’s hokey.

Anyhow: there’s a scene in Man of Steel in which Superman destroys one of General Dollhouse’s multi-bazillion-dollar surveillance drones. General Dollhouse defends the surveillance by saying, “Look, we’re just trying to protect American interests.” I thought for sure that Superman was going to fire back with some pablum about not being so provincial or narrow-minded, or about a being a good citizen of the world or some crap like that.

Instead, Superman says, “I grew up on a farm in Kansas– that’s as American as it gets.”

Great moment. All that was missing was flying the Stars and Stripes back to the White House and winking at the camera while flying into space.

3 thoughts on “A short blurb about Man of Steel.

  1. Overall impression? I am amazed at the spectrum of thought about this movie, from best superhero movie ever to emotionless visual assault. I thought it was a fantastic movie, and if they dig up an additional 10-15 minutes of Pa Kent/young Clark footage for the director’s cut I’d call it near perfect (as I must subtract a bit for the consarned shakey-cam).

    I have yet to see Star Trek Into Darkness but just may see Man of Steel again before that…


  2. I enjoyed it, though Richard Donner’s version had more heart.

    Good: the acting, the effects the action sequences, the story, Zod’s motivation, the fact that Zod & co. actually aged during the 30-odd years they were searching for Superman, Lois advancing the story instead of being a side-show. Few plotholes (Pa Kent’s death was dramatic, but come on– for the dog? And why can’t Jor-El and Lara make a ship that carries three?).

    Bad: Superman attacking the machine in the Indian Ocean– I nearly fell asleep. And the textured outfits suck– it’s like everything’s made from basketballs. Too much shaky-cam, but not enough to make me ill.


  3. I loved that acting in Man of Steel, and I thought it was a 7.5/10 (my highest rating thus far this year). I think the sequels are going to suffer though if they decide to go the way of Transformers. I think they should mimic a God Father Part II setup for the next movie where they put 50:50 story time to a prequel and sequel, or just make a prequel and a sequel, but I like the single movie idea better.


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