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Regular reader and commenter Noutheteo writes:

I’m looking for an econ book suggestion. Something really enlightening or insightful. Any suggestions. Nothing too heavy, just some light reading. Maybe something that challenges a commonly held belief regarding US history? I tried reading something about the great depression and it read more like an agonizing stats book. Rather unpleasant. Anyways, any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve got a lead for you. Since you’re one of those warped individuals who find statistics to be dry and boring, I’m going to recommend a romance novel.

You know that one novel you liked, where you really connected with the protagonist? This is better. That series of books you fell in love with when you were a teenager? You will tear the pages out of each volume and line the nearest birdcage with them after reading this book. This book is so good you will be one of those fanboys who boycott the movie because they can’t possibly do it justice on the big screen.

This book… is The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts.

It is the best novel you will ever, ever read in your whole entire life.

The hero is Sam, an unassuming, oft-misunderstood but brilliant high school economics teacher. His herculean– sisyphean?– task is to rescue the damsel, Laura, from the distress of her economic ignorance whilst shedding the light of free markets on the dark, muddled, anti-capitalist minds of his students, his coworkers, the trustees at his school, and anyone else who dares cross his path. Meanwhile, Erica, the director of a federal regulatory agency, investigates the ruthless and corrupt CEO of HealthNet, Charles Krauss.

What is Krauss up to, and can Erica stop him? Does Sam actually change anyone’s mind about anything? And how on Earth are these two sordid tales connected?

A copy of the book’s on the way to Noutheteo’s house, so he’ll soon find out. The rest of you need to buy a copy, or wait for Noutheteo to lend it to you.

2 thoughts on “Book recommendation.

  1. Mr. Noutheteo to Mrs. Noutheteo
    Mr. N: “Mr. V is sending us a wedding gift in the mail.”
    Mrs. N: “I bet it’s an economics book”
    Mr. N: “IT, is a ROMANCE book!”
    Mrs. N: “IS IT REALLY?!?! Some romance books are BAD!”
    Mr. N: “It’s Mr. V….proceeds to read description provided on blog…It’s called The Invisible Heart!”…Smirk…”An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts”
    Mrs. N: “Called it.”
    Mr. N: Proceeds to read the rest of the description provided.
    Mrs. N: “Oh my gosh, it’s an ACTUAL novel”

    Truly excited though 🙂 I’m already ordering the anti-movie t-shirts in preparation.


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