Infant Human 002.

Dr. and Mrs. Hmnahmna welcomed their second child, a healthy bouncing baby boy, into the world this morning. Congratulations to the whole family! Now that they have named their boy, I am free to divulge the some of the names that were very, very seriously considered:

William Thomas Hmnahmna.

Baby Boy Hmnahmna.

Andrew William Hmnahmna.

Matthew William Hmnahmna.

William Gerard Hmnahmna.

William Jared Hmnahmna.

Wilberforce Maximillian Hmnahmna.

Royal Winchester Hmnahmna, II (family name).

John Fitzgerald Hmnahmna.

Robert Earl Hmnahmna (after our friend Robert).

Pavel Andreivich Hmnahmna.

Thomas Green Hmnahmna (after the founder of Clemson University).

Cassius Clay Hmnahmna.

Dallas Diamond Hmnahmna.

Richard Golden Hmnahmna (after a professor at Clemson).

Hewlett Packard Hmnahmna.

Guido Vincent Hmnahmna (after Doc’s cats).

Patrick Stewart Hmnahmna.

William Shatner Hmnahmna.

James Tiberius Hmnahmna.

William William Hmnahmna.

[Dr. Hmnahmna’s real name], Jr.

William Henry Hmnahmna.

Frank William Hmnahmna (family name).

William Frank Hmnahmna (also a family name).

William Franklin Hmnahmna.

William [Mrs.’s maiden name] Hmnahmna.

William Spock Hmnahmna.

William Zefram Hmnahmna.

William B***** M*********** Hmnahmna (Doc’s idea).

William Marcellus Hmnahmna.

William Wallace Hmnahmna.

William Howard Hmnahmna.

William Jefferson Hmnahmna.

William Jefferson Blythe Hmnahmna.

William-Luc Hmnahmna.

William Trafalgar Hmnahmna.

William Nelson Hmnahmna.

William Homer Hmnahmna.

William Bartholomew Hmnahmna.

William Mailliw Hmnahmna.

William Mankiller Hmnahmna.

William Ladykiller Hmnahmna.

William Bloodmurder Hmnahmna.

William S Hmnahmna.

William F. Hmnahmna, Jr.

William Reagan Hmnahmna.

William Hussein Hmnahmna.

William Robert Hmnahmna (after Robert and his twin brother, Willie).

William Hugo Hmnahmna (I suggested this last week).

William Megatron Hmnahmna.

William Optimus Hmnahmna.

William Thundercracker Hmnahmna.

William Tiberius Hmnahmna (I lobbied hard for this one, and Doc was amenable, but he probably mentioned it to his wife. Big mistake; it got shot down).

Regardless of the name they chose, on this blog I shall always refer to the boy as Optimus Thundercracker Hmnahmna.

Hopefully Mrs. Hmnahmna will never, ever see this.


  1. William Franklin Hmnahmna would have also been a family name, after my grandfather. However, one of my cousins is already William Franklin Hmnahmna, II.


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