New new new phone.

I write this post from the WordPress app on my brand spankin’ new iPhone 5. Screen could be a smidge wider, but I am glad to have a real mute switch and a real home key once again. The battery life seems to blow away that of the Samsung Infuse. Oh, and it hasn’t crashed or frozen yet, even though it’s been turned on for more than ten hours.

Below is the first photo I’ve taken with the camera.


In related news, I have a Samsung Infuse and its accessories available for sale.


  1. Is that a playstation 3 that you own on the right side?
    You are awesome. I bet you play assassin’s creed 3. You know, the one that takes place during pre-civil war times and during civil war times.


  2. I found that the Juice Defender app helps greatly with the Infuse battery life. It was getting sluggish here recently, but taking off a few apps that I wasn’t using seems to have helped.

    I’m between the Galaxy SIII, Note 2, or Nexus 4 when the time comes. The Nexus 4 would have the advantage of not requiring a contract renewal.


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