O glorious day!

At long last, a worthy successor to Kung Fu Chess has arrived! It is called “Tempest Chess,” can be found at tempestchess.com, and it requires no download.

What was Kung Fu Chess, you might ask? Here’s what I wrote in “gg” a few years ago:

Kung Fu Chess is (I say “is” in the hopes that the game is still available somewhere out there, perhaps at a different website, perhaps waiting to be relaunched on the old website) chess without turns. You can move as many pieces as you want without waiting for your opponent to move his. The only restriction is that once you’ve moved a piece, you have to wait ten seconds before moving it again. You can dodge attacking pieces, you can capture other pieces with a piece already in motion. Throw in some kung fu sounds whenever you kill an opponent’s piece, some cheesy techno in the background, and animals wearing martial arts outfits as your avatars, and you’ve got the greatest, geekiest, time-killingest online arcade game of all time. Here’s a YouTube sample of a high-rated game, minus the sound effects and plus some other background music.

Tempest Chess is the same thing, but without the kung fu trappings and the animal avatars.

This is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen to my productivity right before the school year begins, but such is life. Stop what you’re doing, get over to tempestchess.com and play, dammit.

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