Happy birthday, Uncle Milt!

Milton Friedman would’ve turned 100 today. Several economists, columnists, and bloggers have posted tributes to his life and work, and I wouldn’t presume to even attempt to match their words. So instead I’ll just say happy birthday and post a link to the first book of his that I read:

A paperback copy of Bright Promises, Dismal Performances: An Economist’s Protest was buried somewhere deep in Cooper Library. I recognized the author’s name on the spine because some of my professors had mentioned him in class, and I figured it might be worth a look. It turned out to be one of those books that was more valuable than most semester-long courses. If I could design my own introductory econ course, this might be number one on the required reading list.

If you can find his articles, interviews, or Free to Choose videos online, have a look at them. If you agree with him, you’ll find them uplifting and edifying. If you disagree with him, you’ll at least find them challenging. Either way, have a look.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Uncle Milt!

  1. I’ll say, the Free to Choose series was absolutely phenomenal. Sure, it’s dated, but it def. proves highly entertaining and informative. If I may suggest, watch the 1980 version…much better and includes more than 1990. In the discussion panel, it’s cool to see a few famous individuals in their prime or infancy. Thomas Sowell is among the panelists in a couple of episodes.


  2. I’ll be taking Introductory Micro and Macro this semester and I definitely plan on acquainting myself with more of his work.


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