2012 Resolution #12.

In my “Resolutions for 2012,” #12 was “I shall make a 12th resolution before June 30th, 2012.” I now have one (though once again, I forgot to write “on or before” instead of “before”).

I do hereby resolve that:

12. I shall fly out west to visit my little sister.

Announcing a flight may not seem announcement-worthy to new readers and/or normal folks, but “the statistically safest mode of long-distance travel” is not how I typically roll. Thus the fanfare.

I’ll announce my flight dates well in advance of the trip so the sharper investors among you can time your purchases of stock in whatever companies make dramamine, rabbits’ feet and rosaries.

3 thoughts on “2012 Resolution #12.

  1. Wonderful news Dom. I, too, was uncomfortable in the extreme to fly through the skies but each flight became a little easier and when coupled with the benefits of opening the world to me I could never go back…


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