Happier news.

Since the Fates seem to be frowning on my place of employ this week, I thought I’d share some happier news.

1. I had some good visits with friends and family this spring break, which included seeing my niece for the first time.

2. On Monday, three different babies called me “Uncle Dom,” or at least they called me the closest thing they could manage. I am only actually related to one of them.

3. Whilst driving through the rustic backroads of Virginia en route to Raleigh, I saw two buffalo frolicking in a fenced pasture. Sadly, I couldn’t easily pull over to get a picture, so I kept going, which is now the single greatest regret of my life. But dammit, they were buffalo. I am not a crackpot.

Aside from that, I have no further comment.

3 thoughts on “Happier news.

  1. Mrs. Hmnahmna and I had locally-sourced Virginia bison short ribs at a wine dinner a couple of weeks ago. They were tasty.

    But you’re still a crackpot.


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