A noble city, besmirched.

Former Chicago alderman and current University of Illinois professor Dick Simpson has determined that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the nation. He bases his claims on remembering, but backs it up with some DOJ data. From the article:

“We first of all, we have a long history,” Simpson said. “The first corruption trial was in 1869 when alderman and county commissioners were convicted of rigging a contract to literally whitewash City Hall.”

When reached for comment, former Mayor Richard M. Daley directed all questions to his father’s office. Former Mayor Richard J. Daley responded in an e-mail that the “allegations of corruption are entirely baseless.” E-mails from former Mayors Harold Washington, Anton Cermak, “Big Bill” Thompson, and William Butler Ogden confirm that there has never been any proof of vote-buying, ballot-stuffing, or any other form of municipal corruption in Chicago’s whole entire history.

Both Mayors Daley and former President John F. Kennedy have issued a statement demanding an apology from Professor Simpson or else.

Now go enjoy Valentine’s Day.

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