2012 Resolution #9.

In my “Resolutions for 2012,” #9 was “I shall make a 9th resolution before January 31st, 2012.” I opened the floor to suggestions, and Dr. Hmnahmna’s idea seems good enough.

My buddy “As I’m A Bassi” is getting married over Memorial Day weekend in Rochester, and the timing virtually demands that I fly up there. Thus do I hereby resolve that:

9. I shall fly on an airplane in order to attend As I’m A Bassi’s wedding.

I shall also fly back.

Might visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls while up there– it’s an hour or so away from Rochester– but I’m worried they might try to keep me.


  1. I think that is a wonderful idea, not the keeping you part but the visiting the Niagara Falls visit and the flying there and back. Now you just have to get the same flight from Dulles that Dr. Hmnahmna and I are on.


  2. I would hope I don’t have to go through Dulles. Isn’t there a direct connection from Jax to Rochester or Niagara Falls? If not I’ll have to email the CEOs of the airlines and have them set it up by May.


  3. Dulles is much better than Hartsfield-Jackson. Put on your sprinting shoes if you’re routed through Atlanta.


  4. Superb! Looking forward to seeing you here! We’re planning on renting a lodge the day before so that everyone can gather to feast and be merry.


  5. Our flight gets in at 11:13 pm on that Friday – best we could do with work schedules. We’ll have to do most of our commiserating on the wedding day.


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