An anonymous reader writes, “Would you give us your opinion on major political issues these days such as immigration, drug legalization, abortion, and gay marriage?”

That’s a great question, and I appreciate the question. I suppose I would give my opinion on major political issues, given the right circumstances. Rest assured that I hold the correct positions on each of these issues. Good thing, too, since I’ll be White-House-eligibile next week.

2 thoughts on “Dodge.

  1. Personal Opinion on Major Political Issues:

    Immigration: Bad for teachers and students. Great for everyone else.
    Drug Legalization: Would make smoking less cool
    Abortion: Shifts the PPF Curve inward
    Gay Marriage: After the honeymoon period, few people still refer to it as a happy marriage. Just ask Kim Kardashian.


  2. Immigration: If someone wants to live here, and have America as their #1 country, not just #2, they should be aloud in.
    Drugs: Legalize and tax.
    Gay Marriage: It’s not the governments job to know who you sleep with, and as marriage (in the governments eyes) is just a social contract, allow homosexuals to get married, if a church doesn’t like it, then done marry them and if you so desire, excommunicate them.


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