2011 Resolution #12.

In my “Resolutions for 2011,” #12 was “I shall make a 12th resolution before June 30th, 2011.” I now have it, though it’s essentially a repeat of last year’s final resolution.

Today marks nine years that the ‘Rolla and I have been together, and (roughly) one year since I first resolved to replace it. It has performed honorably over the last year, especially since I wrote about replacing it, but it is up in years and mileage and the blinking red light means it’s time for Carousel. I’ll most likely replace it with another Corolla, most likely the same color.

The mattress definitely needs to go. It, too, has served honorably over the last several years, but I prefer to wake up not feeling like I was beaten overnight with socks full of oranges. Therefore I hereby resolve that:

12. I shall replace the mattress by summer’s end and the ‘Rolla by year’s end.

And with that, my resolutions are set for the year.

(I love these formula posts. You just change a few words from last year’s stuff, and bam— done.)