Response to “Martha Quinn.”

“Martha Quinn” wrote the following comment in response to my post “Five Years!”:

Hello Dom,

I am compelled to give a little advice here, even though I […] may be unwelcome on your blog. But if the latter is the case, my comment will be easy enough for you to delete.

I was a Psych major, do you remember?

Dreams repackage the events and people from our life, along with our thoughts and emotions (conscious and subconscious) about them. Any meaning you ascribe to them, is up to you. Only you can truly know and understand your deepest desires and worst fears. Only you know the totality of your life experiences and can see the patterns of behavior and interaction that emerge.

That said, from my perspective, as your former acquaintance and a female, it seems possible that you have a guilty conscience or some regrets as it pertains to your interactions women. One question you could ask yourself is why you might feel uncomfortable about us meeting each other? Or maybe there something you want to say to all of us?

Good luck!

My response:


1. No one is unwelcome on my blog.

2. There was one factor common to the women in that dream: romantic failure. That’s it. I’m not saying that to show how insightful I am, I’m saying it because as far as I can tell, that was it. The outcomes were varied: dated some; broke up with some; dumped by some; pined after some and got nowhere; pined after some and never took the first step. Sometimes things ended cordially, sometimes they didn’t. I only felt guilty about dating Selena because the relationship lasted about three weeks longer than it took me to figure out that it was going nowhere, but two and a half weeks of that was Christmas Break so I couldn’t see her anyways, and we broke up as soon as I got back. There is nothing I could say to all of them that would be meaningful to all of them– not even “You all screwed up,” because as much as I would like it to be so, not all of them screwed up.

3. […] I would direct your attention to my entry “Stupid Conscience,” which is very complimentary of Martha. And Martha’s real name is still one of the best names I’ve heard, and I applaud her parents on their choice, but I don’t recall the story of how they came up with that name. Would you be so kind as to remind me (I will not post the story)?

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