New new phone.

I write this post from the WordPress app on my brand spankin’ new Samsung Infuse. Hate the name, love the phone. I’m still a fan of the iPhone, but I wanted a phone with a larger screen and Apple probably won’t make one anytime soon. (Now watch Steve Jobs announce the new 4.5″ screen iPhone-x next week.) It’s taken some getting used to, and my muscle memory is still programmed for Apple, but this is an impressive phone.

Here’s a pic from the 8 megapixel camera:


I’ll probably have to go back in via laptop and put the picture in the right spot. But so far, so good.

This should be a great weekend. My good buddy Chip and his woman are gonna be in town, as are my cousin T2 and his family. His son is also a Vincent so hopefully we’ll end up yelling “I AM VINCENT!” back and forth at each other. It makes for far more entertainment than you might expect.

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