Re commenting troubles.

I just noticed that the comments were closed on all but the most recent post. That’ll happen from time to time for reasons unknown. Maybe there’s a bug in the system. Maybe I clicked a button behind the curtain and inadvertently deactivated the comments. So let me say the following regarding comments:

1. I don’t want anyone to have to sign up or sign in or leave an e-mail address in order to comment on my stuff. Anyone (aside from spammers) should be able to comment on any post if they so desire. If comments are turned off, please let me know.

2. If you comment on a post and it doesn’t appear right away, try not to panic. As long as the software doesn’t think you’re a spammer, your comment goes into a queue. I have to approve the comment before it shows up on this website. I will never reject a comment unless specifically asked to by the author (e.g., somebody misspells something and is mortified by his or her error, and begs me to delete the mistaken comment). I will edit and have edited comments to protect identities, national security, and the moral character of the people of this good Earth.

7 thoughts on “Re commenting troubles.

  1. Of course I make fun of people who request editing. So which part of #2 is wrong? You didn’t ask me to delete your comment (others have and I’ve obliged). Furthermore, editing that comment would not have protected “identities, national security, and the moral character of the people of this good Earth.”

    By the way, you need to adapt your online identity to reflect your newly earned academic status. May I suggest “Doctor Doctor Hmnahmna” or “Doctor Hmnahmna, Ph.D. (or whichever suffix is appropriate)”?


  2. On my alias- As far as being able to use your superhuman powers to decode it and figure out who I am, i’m not so sure it is possible. If you somehow are able to…well…lets just say I will qualify you as a genius for the rest of forever.

    On the website as a whole- From what I have seen so far, from your views on movies to even a few dreams, which mostly sound like movie plots rather than one person’s wide range of imagination, I have concluded that you are probably the smartest person I have yet to encounter on an internet blog and in person. Here’s to you Viscariello


      1. Eh. Even if I do, you have a lot of character and individuality. Even if I did go on another blog or met another person I continue to mean what I say.


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