Back and to the left.

An article in the April 19th online edition of the Daily Mail asks: “Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens?”

Apparently the CIA has just released a memo showing that just ten days before his assassination, President Kennedy demanded access to confidential files regarding UFOs. This has understandably led to conjecture that he was assassinated by Mysterious Organization X in order to prevent him from learning the terrible secret of space.

Let’s simplify this conspiracy as much as possible. Mysterious Organization X arranged for Lee Harvey Oswald (or whichever “true assassin” you prefer) to shoot the President, and presumably covered it up by paying a mob-connected nightclub owner to kill Oswald.

Fun idea, but real life has to be a different story. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply say, “What memo?”, stonewall the matter and spare yourself some effort? Never mind stonewalling, wouldn’t it be easier to burn the memo and claim no knowledge of it? I imagine you’d risk less trouble by destroying a few documents that most of the government doesn’t know about anyways than by assassinating the Leader of the Free World.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time an agency went about achieving something in a convoluted way. Maybe MOX operatives are hourly.

2 thoughts on “Back and to the left.

  1. This was my favorite Conspiratorial reply to the article:
    “Forget UFOs. On June 4th, 1963, President Kennedy signed presidential Executive Order 11110. This allowed the US government to issue their own interest-free, debt-free money, and bypass the private bank called the federal reserve. He was killed 5 months later. Interestingly, Lincoln was the only other US president who attempted to defy the private bank: the federal reserve. He authorised congress to pass a law permitting the printing of US “greenbacks”. It didn’t work out too well for him either, a few months later. Today, the private bank called the federel reserve still controls ALL the money and finance of the USA.”


  2. I think CIA has a sense of humor. They probably even enjoy throwing a bone to conspiracy theorists every now and again. It keeps up the office jokes.


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