On Reagan’s 100th Birthday.

Today we observe the 100th birthday of the only President of the United States with a degree in economics (so far). That warrants at least one brief mention in this august journal.

I would also like to note that the famous “Nashua Moment,” which some say helped Reagan win the nomination in 1980, took place in my birthplace: Nashua, New Hampshire.

(I don’t actually put too much stock in that sort of thing because I share a birthday and home state with Franklin Pierce.)

Many moons ago, Edmund Morris was hired to write the authorized biography of President Reagan. This was a mistake; Morris couldn’t figure the man out and bizarrely resorted to writing a first-person memoir of his own imaginary interactions with Reagan, complete with fictional characters and fictional endnotes. It was ridiculous.

However, Morris wrote an interesting article for this past Friday’s edition of the Washington Post. Here’s “Five Myths about Ronald Reagan.”

8 thoughts on “On Reagan’s 100th Birthday.

  1. My roommate, who is going to law school (to become a “famous people lawyer”) asked me the other day while playing family feud online, who Ronald ‘Reegan’ was.

    I’m going to encourage her to apply to the same law schools as me.


  2. All I know is that the last two engineers to be President were Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.

    Based on that stellar track record, I have decided that I can best serve my country by not running for President. You’re welcome.


  3. I wish that you had taught me Reaganomics while I was in your government class during the 1st semester. Maybe Mr. Trice could teach me a thing or two about it?


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