Not his kind of town.

Rahm Emanuel’s bid to succeed Boss Daley, Jr. as Mayor of Chicago just hit a bit of a snag. An Illinois appellate court ruled that “not residing in Chicago for nearly two years” does not constitute “residing in Chicago for a year.” He intends to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Illinois.

Chicago is a place where the dead vote. A place a poet once described as “wicked,” “crooked,” and “brutal” in a paean. A place not unaccustomed to Mob rule, political assassinations, machine thuggery, and political riots. If Rahm can’t even “convince” a couple of dinky little state judges into ruling his way, then how can we reasonably expect him to run that kind of town?

Let’s see if he gets the final appeal right. If not, then a great and noble city like Chicago should be glad to be spared his incompetence and unworthiness.