On turning 33, again.

Your Humble Narrator is going to “live-blog” my 34th birthday. It’ll be a full day at school, no planning period, followed by coaching a game at Sandalwood, followed by God-only-knows-what since I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning. The official familial birthday dinner was this past Sunday, so I’ll be munching on leftover lasanga rolls, meatballs, steak and cake throughout the day. Here goes:

12:01 AM: Hitting the sack and hoping that I can fall asleep.

3:17 AM: Awake.

4:41 AM: Awake.

6:19 AM: Alarm. Snooze.

6:28 AM: Alarm, out of bed. Shower.

6:55 AM: Off to work. Helped some lady catch her dog in the parking lot. I’m a hero.

7:23 AM: At work. Birthday cards waiting for me in the mailbox.

7:45ish AM: Received TOTY recommendation letters. Huzzah!

9:06 AM: Watched DVD about Hugo Black in class. I enjoyed it even if nobody else did.

Period 2A: Received and consumed birthday cookie-cake from former students. Tolerated birthday song.

11:55 AM: Feasted on reheated lasagna rolls, flank steak, and a meatball.

12:10 PM: Helped former student jumpstart her car because she left it running the whole time she was on campus. I’m still a hero.

2:48 PM: Prepping for the game.

7:32 PM: Ugly first half, fell behind 1-0, but the kids stayed cool and everything came together in the second half. Two late goals, we win 2-1.

8:14 PM: Eating cake.

8:19 PM: Eating more cake.

8:59 PM: Returning calls, thanking folks for birthday wishes.

9:33 PM: Heading out.

1:38 AM: Rest of the night was a blur. Bus full of orphans broke down on a railroad crossing, I pushed it out of the way with my bare hands just before the train bearing down on it would have obliterated it. Well, it turns out that terrorists with a doomsday virus had hijacked the train, and— wait, that was all after midnight! Wasn’t on my birthday, shouldn’t write about it. Never mind.

All in all, a good day. I’ll do it again next year.