Two honors.

Today I was the proud recipient of two honors:

1. My Paxon colleagues voted me Teacher of the Year. Nominations were made at the last faculty meeting; voting was done in last week’s department meetings; the principal made the announcement today. I am grateful for the honor. Now I get to participate in the district-level competition, I get a reserved parking spot, and, most horrifyingly, my picture will be on display near the office unless I can convince the admins to discontinue that practice.

2. I sent a mass e-mail out to one of my classes regarding an assignment. Somehow, it got sent to a gentleman down in Colombia, despite the fact that there is a two-character difference between his e-mail address and the address I typed in. He was courteous enough to respond to my e-mail and notify me that he’d received it by accident. In his response, he addressed me as Dr. Viscariello. There’s nothing in my e-mail signature to suggest that I hold a doctorate, but what the heck? I’ll take it.

First Bears-Packers game of the year. I’m wearing the C-shirt, the Bears are in their 1943 throwbacks, and Monday Night Football played “The Ecstasy of Gold” (L’estasi dell’oro) during the intro. Could be a great night.

11:44 PM. 20-17, Bears. Great night.

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