Congratulations to my dear friends, fellow footballers and trivia-teammates C and Ear33wig on the birth of their half-American, half-Australian daughters yesterday, September 10th! On their parents’ behalf, I hereby beseech the Lord to make them soccer or tennis players and not cheerleaders.

In the spirit of past birth announcements, and in the absence of indisputable visual evidence of the babies and permission to post it, this’ll have to do:

Actually, I can’t remember if they’re identical or fraternal, so just in case:

Either way, congratulations to the newborns and the new parents!

4 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. “trivia-teammates C” I can only guess that it’s my guidance counselor from freshman year.
    If it is indeed her, please send her my congrats since I have absolutely no idea of how I can contact her.

    On another note, my roommate is taking “American Gov’t” and she had to read some of the Federalist Papers to which I said “Ha! Mr. V never made us read the Federalist Papers! I never even read the entire Constitution and I still got a 5!”

    I hope you get someone to fix that sinkhole and that you’ve followed through on the statement that you’ll be the teacher that has parties every Friday!


  2. They are fraternal 🙂 This is very sweet! Thank you Dom!! Can’t wait for you to meet the girls. Granted, I’m biased, but I think they’re pretty darn perfect!!!


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