2010 Resolution #12.

In my “Resolutions for 2010,” #12 was “I shall make a 12th resolution before June 30th, 2010.” I now have it.

I just got back from a nice little extended weekend, spent visiting the Hmnahmna Family, the Mole Family, and Chip. I would have seen some other friends, but they had lame excuses like “I have an out-of-town conference,” “My little brother’s getting married on the other side of the country,” or “My arraignment is on Friday.” Oh well.

The ‘Rolla’s getting up in years–eight as of this June 22nd–and mileage, so I borrowed a 2007 Honda Pilot for the trip. It was a very smooth, very comfortable ride. When I got home and got my car back, it seemed rickety, cramped, underpowered, and lifeless by comparison. It may be time for a new car.

Whilst on said trip, I spent two nights at the Mole’s house and two nights at hotels. In both cases, the mattresses were firm and comfortable. I slept quite comfortably, and neither tossed nor turned very much–a marked contrast from the lumpy, miserable excuse for a bed I have at home. It is definitely time for a new mattress.

Also whilst on said trip, I actually got to use showers that function properly. That may not seem like a big deal, until you consider that the bath faucet at my place doesn’t shut off when I switch it to shower mode. That weakens the water pressure from the shower nozzle, and it means the hot water runs out a lot faster than it should. The shower needs to be fixed.

With these relatively minor nitpicks and worldly inconveniences in mind, I hereby resolve that:

12. I shall replace the ‘Rolla, buy a new mattress, and get my shower fixed.

And with that, my resolutions are set for the year.