2010 Resolution #10.

In my “Resolutions for 2010,” #10 was “I shall make a 10th resolution before February 28th, 2010.” I now have one. It will require effort. It will require planning.  It will require, as all good resolutions should (which I suppose means some of mine aren’t good resolutions), resolve. I hereby resolve that:

10. When I leave my classroom at the end of each day, my desktop will be clean, organized, and ready for the next day’s work.

Let me be a little more specific: by “my desktop,” I mean the top of the moveable piece of furniture called “my desk.” This does not apply to the computer desk built into the wall that runs alongside my desk. I’ll do what I can to keep the computer desk cleaner and better organized, but I’m making no promises. The idea came from a former coworker whose desktop was always clean at the end of the day, except for the items he had to work on the next day. Eventually I’d like to get to the point where my desk is completely clean and clear at the end and beginning of every day, but let’s start with baby steps here.

Quick update on my other resolutions: so far I’ve kept #1 (drink less sweet stuff), #2 (exerbike), #5, #7, and #8. I’ll visit Chicagoland in July (#9), I’ve started working on a garlic chicken dish (#4), and I need to get crackin’ on the others.