Last week, whilst reminding my students that they need to study a subject every night leading up to an exam (instead of cramming in the five minute passing period before the exam begins), I told them that the human brain is like a dry, hard sponge.

You have a dry sponge in the sink. You have a cup of water. If you dump the water on the sponge all at once, then the sponge will only get a little bit wet because a lot of the water is going to splash right off the sponge and down the sink. It’s wasted. Like most cramming.

But if you very slowly pour the water onto the sponge, the sponge will absorb the water more efficiently, there’ll be minimal splashing, and you stand a better chance of getting the entire cup of water into the sponge. It’s efficient. It works. Like studying the way I said to in the first place. The end.

It’s two weeks late, but the best thing about Brett Fav-ruh’s humiliating defeat in the NFC Championship is the fact that he still hasn’t won a Super Bowl without Jim McMahon on his team. In fact, when the Packers went to the White House that year, McMahon wore his #9 Bears jersey–which hopefully pissed off as many of the Packers and their fans as possible–because the 1985 Bears never got to visit the White House.

Why not, you might ask? According to noted historian Bob Swerski, it was feared that having the 1985 Bears and President Reagan within 100 yards of each other would have generated so much testosterone-laden awesomeness that the Soviet early-detection systems would have read it as an all-out attack, and in “retaliation” they would have launched all their ICBMs at us. Swerski notes that even though either Reagan or a drunk and blindfolded mini-Ditka would have easily swiped all the Soviet nukes out of the sky, policy was policy.

I don’t yet care who wins this Super Bowl, but that might change during the game. I just want to see a ridiculously high-scoring game that’s won an a safety in overtime. 54-52.

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