Infant Human 001.

Congratulations to frequent contributor and whipping-boy Dr. Hmnahmna and his saint-of-a-wife Mrs. Hmnahmna on the birth of their daughter, James Tiberius Hikaru Montgomery Leonard Pavel Hmnahmna! She popped out da womb at 7:28 PM, Halloween night. Until we get indisputable visual evidence of the baby and permission to post it, this’ll have to do:

Infant Human 001
Figure 1. Baby.
  • F. Hair.
  • 10. Belly.
  • 11. Noggin.
  • 12. Right elbow.
  • 13. Left elbow.
  • 14. Right foot.
  • 15. Left foot.

Good timing, Doc and Missus–the world will always celebrate your girl’s birthday.