On the proper reaction to a 45-point halftime deficit.

I’m disgusted. The Bears should be up 28-14, and they’re losing. Two red zone turnovers. They need a new offensive coordinator and they need to spend millions of dollars on the best quarterbacks coaches they can find.

Today, the Patriots were up on the Titans 59-0 about halfway through the third quarter. They were two touchdowns and two PATs away from tying the Bears’ record for most points in a game (that’s 73 points for you math majors). I was surprised that Belichick called off the dogs when they were that close to the record.

I couldn’t help but think that if my team were down 45-0 at halftime and the Patriots trotted out Brady to run up the score or get some record, I would tell my defense to nail him on every single play, penalties and fines be damned. He hands it off? Nail him. He gets rid of the ball before your guys get there? Nail him anyways. He takes a knee or spikes it? Drive him into the ground, with a kick in the ribs for good measure. Brady finally gets subbed out and is holding the clipboard on the sideline? Hey, we can’t help it if our safeties get a little rambunctious.

In fact, I’d go even farther than that. I’d run every offensive play right at him on the sideline. Every one. I’d punt to him on the sideline and let the gunners hit him. And when Belichick finally got the good sense to have the cops escort him out of the stadium, then I’d run every offensive, defensive, and special teams play right at Belichick himself.

That Jeff Fisher, former Chicago Bears defensive back and defensive assistant to Buddy Ryan during the Super Bowl championship season, did not react in such a manner saddens me.

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  1. I’m also disappointed that Rex Ryan hasn’t implemented the 46 defense for the Jets. You would think that one of Buddy’s sons would want to do such a thing.


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