Renewed resolve.

The little darlings return to school on Monday, meaning summer is over. It’s been a good but not entirely productive summer. I moved, which seems productive, but it was out of necessity rather than desire. It was productive in the metaphorical (and, I suppose, literal) sense that fixing a broken window is productive. The move also forced me to trim my vacation plans, and sadly the Chicago part of the plans were trimmed. That means Resolution #10 got thrown out the window, unless I drive up there in December.

I did keep my resolution (#5) to write at least once a week, but most of this summer’s entries seem like starch and veggies instead of meat. Most of the time it felt like I was writing because I was obliged to write. I only really enjoyed writing two or three of this summer’s posts. Worse, I’ve made no progress on Resolution #2, which is to get my weight down to 192 by year’s end. It was almost down to 200 in March, but it’s shot right back up to 210 this summer.

Since it seems I was more productive when I had entirely too much to do, I’ll take the opportunity, upon my return to drawing a steady paycheck next week, to attack my resolutions with renewed resolve. I’ll exercise, I’ll eat and drink less crap, I’ll get down to 192 by 31 December. I’ll write stuff I want to write, I’ll get the unread book situation resolved, and I’ll finish the sequel to the Dilbert entry I wrote three years ago. Which reminds me: I’ll keep working on procrastinating less.

2 thoughts on “Renewed resolve.

  1. Does Duval County give you the option of prorating your pay over 12 months instead of over 9 months? Mrs. Hmnahmna gets her pay over 12 months, and it makes budgeting a lot easier.


  2. DCPS does give us that option (paid over 12 months instead of 10 months) but I choose not to exercise it since it means I’d be giving up two months’ worth of interest or capital gains per year. Hell, I wish they’d give me my whole salary up front. Better yet, I wish they’d give me everybody’s salary up front, and then I’d disburse it over the course of the year, and I’d keep the interest.


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