In case I die of dehydration tonight.

Got all the way home after a great vacation (which I’ll write about in the coming days). After driving the last five hours home, I had to turn right back around and head to the fields for the first of three back to back games.

My teams (I play on two) won one, tied one, and lost one. After the first 25 minutes or so of the first game, I’m pretty certain I was dehydrated. I won’t go into the medical indicators, but it was bad. So bad that I barely played in the next two games and I may just die tonight.

But if I do, I’ll die knowing I went out in a blaze o’glory, scoring a natural hat trick to crush the team that beat us 14-1 last season. Suck on that. Nighty-night.

4 thoughts on “In case I die of dehydration tonight.

  1. (NOTE: Tweet’s comment was probably meant for my post “‘Vacation’ thus far.“)

    I don’t know whether you linked to this article as a rebuttal to my article or in an ironic sense. Either way, I’ll say this:

    I’m glad Ms. Carr got something out of the collaboration with other teachers. I’m glad Mr. Maki understands the structure of the AP exams better. I know I walked away with a few new ideas from chatting with other teachers. Teacher-teacher and teacher-administrator collaboration is very useful. It’s great to bounce ideas off one another, talk shop and share war stories. Yay!

    But this would have happened anyways at any seminar where the presenters were off-topic. Nothing in the article rebuts my point: we attended this seminar in order to figure out how to solve Problem X (or at least learn how to better deal with Problem X). The seminar was advertised as a Problem X seminar. We got to the seminar, and Problem X was never addressed–except when the people running the seminar said, “We’ll get to Problem X later.”

    The district can easily give teachers chances to bounce ideas off each other. But to claim that this particular seminar was worthwhile because some teachers got new ideas out of it–ideas which had nothing to do with the advertised purpose–is misleading.


  2. Just tonight, Andy and I were wondering if my aunt’s comment is going to be documented for all posterity to know, when you write about that vacation of yours 😉
    By the way, “driving THE”…..missing a t – spell check :)!
    Take good care Dom, see you soon!


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