The plan.

Places I’d like to visit this summer:

1. Augusta, GA to see the Pattons.

2. Clemson/Greenville, SC to see DFJ3 and the old stomping grounds.

3. Cary, NC to see the Aabrocks.

4. Charlottesville, VA to see the Hmnahmnas and the Moles.

5. Baltimore, MD for AC Milan vs. Chelsea and I guess my brother might be there too or something.

6. Huntington, WV to see Brundgren?

7. Columbus, OH to see the Beckmen?

8. Crown Point, IN to see family.

9. Chicago, IL and suburbs to see family and a wizened old man about economics.

10. Nashville, TN to see family?

11. Kingsport, TN to see family?

I need to get the details straightened out in the next few weeks. Other plans for this summer include watching the Penguins defeat the Red Wings tonight, attending a training seminar next week, and knocking off a few more of the old resolutions.