2009 Resolution #12.

In my “Resolutions for 2009,” #12 was “I shall make a real twelfth resolution before May 30th, 2009, and shall keep at least nine of these resolutions (inclusive).” Well, I finally have one, though it won’t take a whole lot of resolve. I hereby resolve that:

12. I shall replace my cellphone and shall keep at least nine of these resolutions (inclusive).

Not exactly as life-changing as resolving to, say, attend church or devote time, money and effort to charity–but dammit, I’m sick of the keyguard/keylock feature on my enV2. It sucks. The phone pocket-dials way too easily unless I lock it, which is a ten-keystroke process that then forces me to unlock it (which is a six-keystroke process) whenever I want to make a call or receive a text. So screw it. I’ll get a new phone.

Status of my other resolutions: I’ve kept 1, 5, most of 6, I’ve been good about 7, kept 8 with only one exception (the day I got back from Arizona and de-lagged), and have kept 9. Still at work on the others.


As I’m A Bassi

31 May 2009 4:48 pm

From your aforementioned post, begs the question… will you be joining the rest of the teeming masses and purchase an iPhone?

(By the way, I don’t have one but am quite envious of anyone who has said gadget)

Vincent Viscariello

31 May 2009 4:48 pm

I’m considering it, but I really, really like buttons.