The dismal science.

Today I came across two clips from an early-90’s movie called Other People’s Money. The first is a moving speech by Gregory Peck’s character, the boss of a struggling wire and cable manufacturer, imploring his stockholders not to sell out to Danny DeVito’s character. (That’s right: the guy who played Atticus Finch and General MacArthur in the same movie as the dwarf from Taxi and Twins.)

The second clip is Danny’s rebuttal. He’s greedy, he’s heartless, he’s cold. He is also, apparently, a little more convincing than Peck. I suppose that’s why the screenwriters had him go second.

Brett Favre’s 2008 season: starts off 8-3. Loses four of the last five games and misses the playoffs. The coach gets fired. Potential new hires, such as the Super Bowl-winning, Hall of Fame-bound Bill Cowher, won’t take the Jets job because they don’t want to deal with the NFL’s all-time interception leader. And to top it all off, when he finally announces his retirement, nobody cares or even really believes him. That is a great ending to the season. I cried a little.